Monday, October 24, 2011

Woohoo, I Found One!

So after realizing 100,000 people attended New York Comic Con, and probably 1 in 10 wore costumes (that's still 10,000 for those math impaired people like me) I figured the likelihood of finding a picture of myself posted on the web by some other random attendee was slim to none. Especially considering my costume was more on the... how do you say? Wholesome side. No spandex or mega cleavage for me, thank you! I will never wear a sexy (fill in the blank) costume ever. Just not my style. So I was pleasantly surprised when I actually found a picture.

Check it out...

This actually comes from an attendee who keeps a blog about styling hair, so I guess I was relevant, lol.

So I can give her credit for the lovely picture, it can be found here.

Edit: She had a second pic of me from the front. My eyes are closed for some reason (though my eyes always look closed in pictures for whatever reason). Here it is. :)


  1. LOL!! It was very relevant, but you may have noticed from the post, my comic obsession is completely separate from hair! But, I did love that moment in Tangled where they braided her hair all up so that she could be "normal." I was also immensely fascinated with Gothel's curly hair! There was a nice article on about how hard it is to animate curly hair and that this was a feat in animation:


    Anywho, I also got a forward facing pic of you too. It's in the slide show! Let me know if you want me to send it to you:)!


  2. My brother was actually animator for Tangled (which is partially why I'm so fond of the movie :-) ) and he explained that animating Rapunzel's hair working with a long series of cylinders. Her hair was animated by hand if I remember correctly (bro, if you read this correct me if I'm wrong).

    I would love to post the forward facing pic. I unfortunately didn't take many pictures. Can you post a link to your slide show in the comments (or email, which can be found in my profile)? I couldn't find your slide show.

    Leslie :)

  3. Cool:)! Wow, he's an animator? That's awesome:)! I wish I had studied that. I was a fine arts major ... my university didn't have a real commercial art of animation program. I should have went for an MFA to pursue that, but got caught up working to pay the bills and never went back. Oh well. Happy to be able to supply you with pics of yourself from NYCC:)!!