Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tis a Lovely Day for a Faire

Some friends of mine and I spent this past Saturday enjoying the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I had the chance to wear another one of my projects. This dress was perfectly straight forward as I just followed the pattern, but I still do really like it. I can post the pattern I used another day, as I'm in Baltimore for the next few days.

On the left is my boyfriend as Dr. Who. A perfectly acceptable costume for a Renn Faire since he's a time traveler. He actually got the MOST attention out of all of us, with several people asking for pictures with him. I was only a tiny bit jealous. :)

The two to my right are my friends Courtney and Chris. Courtney made her dress from a pattern found on a website. I made Chris' pants and Courtney made the rest. Chris did sew on his buttons. Yay team effort!

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