Thursday, February 9, 2012

Renaissance Dress Fabrics

So I found a great little fabric store that I can walk to from work that also happens to be very very affordable. So I've finally been able to purchase the main fabric for my new Renaissance dress. I wanted this new dress to have a heavier feel so I am using home decor weight fabric. This is also why I've put off buying the fabric because it's so much more expensive. I'll probably also buy an A-line hoop skirt like the ones used for wedding gowns to wear underneath. They are pretty inexpensive online.

Anyway, time for the big reveal.....

 The red is the main fabric while the light gold is for the front panel, the inside of the sleeves, and the lining of the bodice. The "novelty braid" is for the trim along the dress.

 I'll be following the pattern for the dress with the bell sleeves in the upper left corner. Don't worry, the pictures are almost impossible to see even in person.

I'll probably be working on this on and off while I make smaller projects at the same time. I'll definitely post updates when I have something interesting to show.

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