Friday, November 11, 2011

Coming Up...

So I may not have any interesting posts for a while. I started working on a few smaller projects, however, they are Christmas presents for various family members and as they check this blog, I can't post the pictures. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

I also have plans to make a floor pouf. I play a lot of board games at my coffee table and I don't really enjoy sitting on the floor. But since this is me we're talking about, it will not be any ordinary floor pouf. :) I'll be sure to post my sketch for it in the near future. Stay tuned for that.

I've also been contemplating costumes I want to make for next year. I'm probably going to Dragon Con and New York Comic Con. I am definitely going to make a Belle costume (Beauty and the Beast). I have already bought the patterns I need to modify to make the dress. I may also make a second costume. Time and money will determine whether I do so or not. The criteria for the second is I want to hold a weapon, I want to be easily recognizable, and I don't want to dress like a slut. This is trickier then it sounds.....

I also go to the Renaissance Fair every year and I'm thinking it's time for a new more elaborate costume. If anyone has any pattern recommendations, I would appreciate it.

Unfortunately, that's all for now.

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