Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Update - Dragoncon Costumes and More

Yowzers! It's been too long since I've last posted. I've just been busy busy busy! Anyway, I've got a nice big update. I've been working on quite a few projects over the last month. Beside staying on top of my Etsy sales, I have worked on several things.

First, Let me introduce my new REAL dress form. I named her Emma.

I found a warehouse right here in New Jersey that sells extremely reasonably priced dress forms. If you're curious, you can find their website here. Their showroom is a hoot and is open to the public.  I was able to save on shipping by picking up myself. Got really lucky with that one. Took some fun pictures of the crazy mannequins they have for sale as well. I wish I'd gotten a picture, but there was a very provocative PG-13 mannequin further to the left that was supposedly molded from Madonna.

To make the dress form closer to my real measurements and to also allow for fluctuations in weight, I got a dress form close to my bust measurement, but the waist and hips are smaller. After reading reviews online, I bought the Fabulous Fit System for dress forms and now my dress form looks like this:

Not exact but very close
There are soft pieces of foam underneath the white cover to fill out the dress form.

So here are the projects I've been working on. I made a fun semi-casual dress. I saw the fabric for sale in Mood last time I visited the fashion district in NYC and just had to make something out of it. I just fell in love with it. And it wasn't too expensive, considering I found it in Mood.

Also, I've been hard at work making my costumes for Dragoncon. I'm making two costumes this year. First is Kaylee from Firefly. I'm going for her look from the pilot episode. So this is an actual picture of Kaylee:

And here is the jacket I made to match the one in the picture:

When I take a picture of the whole outfit (coveralls, shirt, sandals, umbrella, etc.) I'll be sure to post it. :)

And finally..... For my second costume, I thought I'd make something more elaborate and a bit more obscure. I'm currently working on making Glinda's Emerald City Dress from the Broadway play Wicked.

The only thing I have a picture of at the moment is the mock-up I made for the corset portion of the dress.

Stay tuned because once I finish, I'm going to include a complete tutorial just like I did for my Rapunzel costume. And that's it for now! I definitely won't wait so long before my next update.

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