Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Christmas Post

Well... I've returned from vacation and am back to work, so I figured it's finally time to post the projects I worked on leading up to the holidays. I had a lot of left over fabric from the various projects I completed the past year, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to use some of it up while also having a budget friendly Christmas.

To begin, basically every female in my family received a checkbook cover. You'll notice it's the same material as my raincoat. Super cute, plus it wont get grubby from the oils in your hand. Or if it does manage to get dirty, or all you have to is wipe it with a damp cloth. I think they turned out pretty darn nice. I even made one for myself. :)

I made something special for my sister-in-law Vicki. I had some really pretty purple/pink wool left over from a LONG time ago. Just enough to make a spiffy little purse. I hope she enjoys it. I was pretty tempted to keep it myself.

I wish the picture had come out a bit better. I'm not a photographer, but take my word for it, it was pretty cute. :)

FINALLY, I made a little something extra for my mom. She had these cute pot holders she got a few years ago that she loved. Unfortunately, she loved on them a little to hard and they have since fallen apart. After taking a good look at the remains, I tried to make something similar, only this time they have bunnies instead of cats. Did I mention my mother is slightly obsessed with bunnies? Anyway, the bunnies came from (on the whole) a pretty tacky Easter print, but the bunnies themselves were really adorable, so I just made sure to cut out all the Easter crap (excuse my language).

And that's the exciting big reveal that I'm sure everyone was on pins and needles for, right.... right? This weekend I'm planning on taking a train into the city for an excursion to Mood so I can start working on a new dress. Since I have MLK Day off soonish (and no one else seems to), I plan on using my time off to get this puppy done quick! After that I'll probably begin my new Renaissance Fair dress. I'll keep you posted!

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